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25 Sep

Order your personalised 2019 calendar now

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Giving clients a calendar for the new year is not an original idea. But it has worked for other companies since I am born as a marketing tool. My car mechanic in Switzerland always used to have a Pirelli calendar in the office (first edition in 1963) and it certainly left an impression on me.

Having said that, ‘times they are a-changin’… and even my car mechanic will display my La Tzoumaz landscape calendar next year as not everybody appreciated Pirelli’s art.
I have three different calendars on offer (London Bridges, Verbier and La Tzoumaz). If you have a business, order a minimum of 10 calendars and I can add your logo/details on every page.
The Verbier and La Tzoumaz calendar offer stunning landscapes from the Swiss Alps, the London Bridges calendar mainly show… you guessed it, Bridges. All pictures taken by me.

The cost per calendar depends on the size of your order, but a ball park figure is somewhere between £10-13, retail price for these calendars is around £20. The Marché in La Tzoumaz and the Tourist Office have individual calendars for sale and so has the Tourist Office in Verbier.

If you are based in the London area, I can visit you and show you examples.

The size of the calendars is 42cm x 21cm, a total of 13 pages (cover plus 12 months) and a plastic cover sheet to protect the artwork.

Click here to find all calendars on my website:

Last order is November 1st, delivery by the end of November.

If your are interested to give your clients a beautiful calendar that will remind them all year round to get in touch with you, please contact be by email on

Happy New Year (a bit early?)

28 Aug

Your own labelled panorama

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Haute Nendaz panorama


Most resorts in the alps have a fantastic panorama of the mountains. Often this view is one, if the not the reason why property owners fell in love with the area. It is astonishing how the panorama can change substantially wherever you are in the resort.

Just over 5 years ago spotted a gap in the market for personalised labelled panoramas. We all know the panoramic pictures on the peak of a mountain or along a hiking trail (see below,  I produce those too), but rarely do you find one at a private home.

Imagine yourself standing on the balcony, a glass of wine in your hand and comparing the view with the printed panorama that is fixed on your railing. A fantastic addition to any holiday home and even if I say so myself, no place should be without it.

All the mountains labelled by YourPanorama

My aim is to make high end panoramas affordable. Every mountain enthusiast should have a labelled panorama taken from the chalet or apartment on the balcony.

I can accommodate most budgets and print on various different surfaces. I also have a substantial stock of existing panoramas (please check out the galleries on Most of these pictures can be purchased, all you need to do is get in touch with me.

Have a view like this in the Swiss Alps?

As a brief example, here is how the process works:

1)  I come and take a series of photos from your balcony/garden (or even better, you send me the photos that you have made as per my instructions).

2) I stitch the photos together, make the resulting panoramic picture look stunning and send it back to you for your approval.

3) Once you are happy with the picture, I label the view.

4) Finished with the labelling process, I send it back to you to approve and suggest any changes.

5) When you are happy with the picture I will print according to your instructions.

6) Once you have received the picture, you will be invoiced.