Labelled Panoramas

My aim is to offer a labelled panorama for various budgets. The normal scenario is that I take the panoramic photo (usually a series of photos), label the view and then print the artwork on a previously agreed surface. I also have various proposals to help to display the panoramas. The cost for this process depends mainly on the location, the size of the printed panorama and how the panorama will be displayed. I offer this service for public entities (for examples tourist offices or  hiking organisations) or for private individuals that have a view from their home or holiday home that they would like to capture.

I also offer a semi bespoke service where the main difference to above is that the customer provides me with the individual photos. I then stitch them together, make the panorama look great and label and print the work. In order to get the best result, I will help the customer by giving detailed instructions of how I expect the photos to be taken. This is a great way to not only keep the cost low, but also to safe time. I have thus managed to create labelled panoramas from views I have never seen myself.

I also have a large database of labelled panoramic pictures, some displayed on my gallery, some not. Check out my gallery, all these pictures can be bought and printed on various materials (e.g. photo paper or Alu Dibond).

I am looking forward to helping you to get YOUR PANORAMA ?