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If you have not found the panorama you would like on our product site do not worry. We offer a Bespoke Service and would be very happy to discuss the further procedure with you. Before you contact us a few random comments.

To take a panorama that is worth displaying takes time. We need to be able to take the picture under perfect conditions and that does not necessarily mean just blue sky. Best pictures are taken early in the morning or late afternoon (and we do like our dusk and dawn shots too), but depending on the season there is a lot of “noise” in the air. In other words, it can take a few months if not longer to take the perfect shot and the naming, printing etc will again take time. Do take that into consideration when planning a panorama for a special event.

Every bespoke panorama is different and so is the pricing. Depending on where you are, what material and size you would like and how many prints you want to order (yes, who says you only want one?) the prices can vary significantly. We will usually ask for a small deposit to get the ball rolling, but you will only pay for the product if you are completely satisfied.

Please get in touch with us and we can discuss how to proceed.