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What we do

Hi there and thanks for visiting my website. I am  Swiss photographer based in London GB. While doing all kinds of photography as a hobby (check out my Instagram or Facebook page), professionally I offer mainly three services. 

Labelled Panoramas - Everybody has a favourite view, be that from your home or holiday house in the mountains, a bridge in a city or a field in the countryside. At YOUR PANORAMA we photograph that view, immortalize it into a panoramic picture and then label the view. We would name the mountains or hills which you see or, if it is a cityscape the buildings that are visible (if of any interest). A fantastic memory or gift for yourself or a friend or if you are a public entity, a great way to inform your visitors. We print on various materials and also deliver different installations depending on the location. Find exisiting panoramas on the "Productspage or contact me for a quote for your bespoke panorama. 

Virtual Tours - 360 Photography is a great way to showcase your business. I can provide virtuals with Google Street View Technology to put your business on the map. I also work with a different Software to make the visit more interactive than currently possible with Google if you want to show your business or holiday home on your website. See a few examples on "Virtual Tours".

Real Estate Photography - Check out my "Photography" page for examples. If you are trying to either sell or rent out your property, then high quality pictures are of the essence. 

Please contact me for any queries you might have.

All the best,